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At PowerBox CrossFit we analyze each and every client and fit the criteria to their best needs,
the workouts for beginners are geared into complementary body exercises and technique
needed to develop enough strength, flexibility and ability to move into more elaborate
exercises, this technique prevents injuries in our clients and overall knowledge.
We have our introductory classes which are the first step into CrossFit , in which we go in
depth with technique and proper set ups for every basic and complex exercise , this is to
prepare each client for every class and teach them awareness in their surroundings, we also
go through basic guidelines, PowerBox CrossFit rules, equipment and our

Classes in our Box are one hour long and they are divided into 4 Steps
-Thorough Warm –Up
-Technique of the day
-Cool down and Stretch

Our training techniques have been developed from years of experience of our Coaches in
staff, whom have vast knowledge in their fields, In PowerBox we also developed our own
training philosophy by providing and targeting each individual case and person, in Personal
Training and in CrossFit, our techniques can be applied and have been adapted for every
persons needs, ranging from Beginners to Elite Athletes and Pro Athletes.
As opposed to many other CrossFit gyms, we do not use the Paleo Diet; we have an on board
Nutrition specialist who will guide us through healthy diets and eating right. It is not about
cutting out any meal or drastically changing what we can or can not eat, it is about finding a
balance in every sense of our lives with our diets and most importantly about portion sizes.
We will have workshops in which we will go in depth with healthy eating habits that will
compliment and help our clients reach their goals, as well as articles about meals and even
healthy recipes that will be posted here!
Diana Gonzalez (NIKITA)
CrossFit Certified
USAW- weightlifting performance coach Certified
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt
Andres Losada (MOGLI)
CrossFit Certified
USAW -weightlifting performance coach Certified
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt
Martial Arts Coach
Ricardo Felice (RICKY)
CrossFit Certified
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt
MMA coach
Our Martial Arts programs consists of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA
Our coaches have broad experience training and teaching these disciplines, experience
attained over 5 years in the fields, trained and teached in different martial arts elite gyms

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
This Program is entitles to help every person become aware of their physical abilities,
and self defense as well as for some people this turns into a greater goal combining the
joy of training and learning with national and worldwide competitions and titles gained
through their sacrifice and constant training.
With opportunities to get sponsored, travel around the world and meet an immense
amount of great people who share common grounds.